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Re: The uke/nage paradigm

So glad this thread is here was strugling with this problem yesterday during training. Luckely our sensei gives a lot of attention to the role of uke. And how to attack propperly. (guess he could be called a atemi fan)
What i sometimes tend to do is when i am at the point i starting to feel comfortable with a waza i ask uke to resist me somewhat. Just to feel for myself if it is working or not.

As for myself as uke i will take te fall.... but yet i still have to fall.... if my balance isn't disrupted i don't fall easy as that. Thats the difference for me between being a compellant uke or just a an actor staging a fall. And if i don't fall i just call sensei or a sempai to see whats hapening.

Yesterday evening as nage i felt the opposit. While doing tenchi nage (uke was seposed to attack a bit freally - whitin katatedori that is - ) uke was to find out for himself if rolling out the nage in a forward or backward roll. Happend to be that i was training with a new guy (in for about 2 months) and he wasn't really comfortable with ukemi yet. So in the moment he grabbed my wrist he was already busy with preparing his roll. Sure did feel very fake in that way and i had the feeling i wasn't learning very much. (well putting away my ego to give this guy a chance to learn ukemi was kind of hard for me but my waza didn't improve by it)

To sum it up. Imho Uke should enable but resist to make it feel alive. Taking the fall as uke without even being unbalanced would not help anyone.
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