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Re: Banned from Aikido...

Brandon Coker wrote: View Post
Ok so I have a quick question.

How do two people fight using aikido? I see a lot of people saying that "I see nothing wrong with letting them test each other" and stuff like that but doesn't someone have to be the aggressor?

Didn't Morihei Ueshiba make Aikido to not have attacks?

So how would this fight take place....a staring contest? I don't get it...
That was a popular line at one time, but less so once more information came out, although some people still train that way. Morihei Ueshiba's Aikido, even in the later years, was quite aggressive and contained quite a bit of striking.

Since you've apparently decided on an ASU school - here's Saotome demonstrating a little of something like that:



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