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Re: How can Aikido teach you discipline if you love it?

Rupert Atkinson wrote: View Post
Thus, of course, it is quite wise to learn who you are and to plan accordingly :-)
i am a sneaky, crazy ninja bugger. thus, i plan to out sneak on meself. the other day, i scared the crap out of me jumping out of the closet while my back turned and yelling "HELLO! MY NAME IS INIGO MONTOYA. YOU KILLED MY FATHER. PREPARE TO DIE!" you should see the crazy ninja bugger. he jumped so high his head went through the ceiling.

oh ya! OP, on discipline. ask us the same question 10 years from now, if you are still practicing aikido.

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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