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Re: How can Aikido teach you discipline if you love it?

I don't think Aikido teaches discipline because for most people, in the long run, the only ones who stick around are the ones that have already have it. Rather then, Aikido requires discipline and those that can't deal with it will just move on.

It is the same for those who claim Aikido can make you into a better person. Again, the undesirables usually quit pretty quickly - they want the skill but are never prepared to do the required work - it must be part of the nature of being 'undesirable'. I have never seen anyone change through Aikido. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen anyone change, ... except maybe a couple of young teens when 'growing up' (teachers tend to notice such). I have come across people who have regretted their last few - or even 50 years, but I wouldn't say they have changed. They are who they are and 99% of the time, and for most of us, that is they way it will always be. Thus, of course, it is quite wise to learn who you are and to plan accordingly :-)

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