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Re: Teacher OKs "Avoid[ing] touching females on religious grounds"

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Seiser Sensei,
While I accept that freedom of speech /expression is a good concept, I cannot always accept this concept fully.The reasons are simple, such freedom of speech can be and is dangerous.Would you be happy if people expressed views ,whether right wing/left wing/religious views etc which clearly could be dangerous ?

Dangerous to who?

Certainly I do not agree, but they don't agree with me either. They would (and do) say that our freedom of thought, belief, and expression is dangerous to them. Am I to agree with them? Do we quiet every voice of opposition? That would only show the weakness of our belief and character. If your position/resolve cannot stand a little opposition, then its pretty fragile. As long as I don't take it personally, the talk is about them, not me. I am strong enough in my beliefs not to take it as a threat.

Of course, If they tried to act on it, I may just have to put them down. LOL

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