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Re: Teacher OKs "Avoid[ing] touching females on religious grounds"

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
We fought for people to have the right to stand-up shout-out and protest the action that gave them that right that they now feel entitled to.

I am always happy to hear people stand-up and speak-out, even if I don't agree with them. It sorta means it was all worth it.

We too have a right to the soap-box, please stand-tall never stand-down.
Dear Seiser Sensei,
While I accept that freedom of speech /expression is a good concept, I cannot always accept this concept fully.The reasons are simple, such freedom of speech can be and is dangerous.Would you be happy if people expressed views ,whether right wing/left wing/religious views etc which clearly could be dangerous ?We have had recently had a criminal case herein the U.K where a couple of gents with a radical view of Islam, decided to virtually hack off the head of a off duty soldier.In court these two guys tried to justify their actions by saying they were supporting their Muslim 'Brothers' in their stand against the West.Incidentally the guys in question had never been anywhere near any Muslim country as far as was known. Both of these men it would appear were indoctrinated by so called religious persons.Would you take actions against such persons or do you feel that the aforementioned guys have the right to express their views? If by chance a neo Nazi group was chit chatting in your area, spouting out bile, would you say ok by me, freedom of speech even for idiots , right on?Have a nice day, Cheers, Joe.
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