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Re: Budo And Sports, A Rant

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
And much is edited and selected to give a specific image of Kano.

Mostly because Judo was being used not as a sport (sport as was understood in the late 19th c. - early 20th c.) but as a "budo" in the sense given to the word in Imperial Japan. Of course Kano was not unhappy with changing the shiai ruleset because the Kosen guys, or sending challengers to Ad Santel.

Kano was a politician, he was way more complex than people think based on the Kodokan approved 'official history'.
In this connection I came across the following text as I was researching for a column. It is not about Kano Jigoro, but about Morihei / Moritaka Ueshiba.

 ベースボール、テニス、ラグビー何でもあれ、西洋競技は、道が目的ではなく、相手を負かすのが目的である。相手を負かすのが目的は、對立的であって、目標が常に客観 的である。客観的目的に刺戟さるゝ一切の運動競技は、西洋哲學、藝術、政治の動きてその原則を同じくするものであって、西洋文明の頽廃滅亡と共に同様の運命を持つのである 。植芝氏の武道は主観の深化と客観の向上とが不離一軆の法則として動くそこには驚倒的なる神ながらがある。植芝氏が武道の師にして同時に神ながらの行者であり、神靈の人 であることを特に學ばぬならぬ。

The text has been written by one 三浦關造 and appears on pp. 14-15 of the Budo magazine published by the Omoto Dai Nippon Budo Senyoukai in July, 1934. The paragraph quoted is one of several in an article with the general heading of 植芝守高師の武道: The Budo of Moritaka Ueshiba Shi(han). The paragraph caught my eye because of the reference to baseball, tennis and rugby as examples of all western competitive matches, the purpose of which is aite wo makasu (相手を負かすのが目的である): the defeat of the other. The urge to confront, compete and defeat extends to western philosophy, arts, and government and is the reason why western civilization is doomed to atrophy and extinction.

On the other hand, Ueshiba's budo is a michi and so his movement accords with the rule of 主観の深化と客観の向上とが不離一軆 (shukan no shinka to kyakan no koujou to ga furi-ittai). I will leave the translation to those with more time than I have at present.

Best wishes,

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