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Re: How can Aikido teach you discipline if you love it?

Michael Douglas wrote: View Post
You already have more than enough discipline, obviously ;

despite your protestations.
Hmm I see what you and other people talk about (though it's so funny how this thread turns to sanitation). Seems like what I thought was discipline is different that what it is. I always imagine discipline means hardship, the old school stuff like rising at 5am during winter and mastering kata that you actually hate.

The reason I think I'm missing out on discipline is because of how I conduct my lifestyle. I've always been a good student, top 10% of my class at a top-tier college. I accomplished things while being extremely lazy, only working at the last minutes. And still get decent (not great) results.

My mentors and I all know that I could do much more if I'm more disciplined and organized. That's what got me into Aikido in the first place, the search for discipline. But I've not improved my working habit as I would like.
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