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Re: dan book?

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There are many different approaches to Aikido - even if a dojo is affiliated to Aikikai hombu dojo.

Lorien; Personally I find it a good thing to discover differences in technique and even philosophy. I like seeing variations and exceptions. Even prefer the spontaneous out of the ordinary technique that is not really a technique at all but a once in a decade incident.

Just out of interest; where would you say that the difference in philosophy between your original dojo and your Aikikai dojo lies ?

My organization is interesting in that we have two styles of aikido taught in most schools. Anyway, a popular saying when we have our seminars (where we often invite teachers from other styles and orbs) is to "do what you see, not what you know." This isn't too difficult for a karate guy attempting aikido - but it can be easy for a Yoshinkan guy to do the version of a technique he is comfy with vice the ASU version being shown.

Thread relly - I haven't seen a book like that since my old karate organization, the GKK. I always thought they were neat, though. But when I interact with other dojo, I almost always wear a white belt and just tell them I am comfortable with any ukemi...I feel like a teacher at an unrelated dojo who would respect a rank book from another organization would be just as likely to take you on your word.

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