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Re: Budo And Sports, A Rant

Tim Mailloux wrote: View Post
I guess I am just not reading DeMars sensei blog post the same as the rest of you....oh well everyone is entitled to their own opinion I guess.

But FWIW DeMars sensei was the first American to every win a judo world championship. She also raised an Olympic judo medalist who is also the current UFC women's champion (Rhonda Rousey). She Runs a successful business and teaches judo to under privileged inner city kids. I guess what I am getting at here is the lady is legit and has earned to right through 10s of thousands of hours on the mat and a world championship to have what ever opinion she wants about judo. Who are any of us to say she is wrong?

For arguments same If Toshihiko Koga Sensei wrote something similar would any of you have the same response?
I also don't read it the same way. She was complaining to what tournaments have become and not necessarily that the budo aspect is not important. Frankly speaking it sounded more like she was pointing out the prevalence of rules and show, rather than anything against the spirit of budo. Her point about ego of the coaches and referees being a problem suggests to me that she is addressing an age old issue.

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