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Re: Banned from Aikido...

If you named your school or affiliation publicly, then you are a bad boy, do not drag your dojo or sensei into your cat fight; it is rude and disrespectful. And even if you have not named them, in the internet age your affiliation will likely be revealed and well…your sensei ends up having to explain his student’s actions.

Neither of you are likely skilled at the arts you have been trained in, you are beginners, and that is a recipe for disaster. Back in my kempo days the most dangerous students were the green belts (in that system half way to shodan), because they had finally figured out how to deliver power, but did not yet have control. A street fight ehh, with fingers in the eyes, joint breaks via locks, strikes and throws, head butts, incisors to the carotid or ear (a full Tyson) when close? And on your part you going to pull her joints apart or whip out a break fall shionage?

As Chris Li and other have pointed out, testing your technology is a time honored tradition in many circles. You are not ready of that, the fact that this bubbled up at all indicates that both of you have a little ego problem. That she thinks her art is superior to yours is irrelevant, she can think what she wants, you don’t have to get caught up in the monkey dance. That you have says volumes to your state of mind. Chill you are a student.
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