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Re: Banned from Aikido...

John Robinson wrote: View Post
yeah true bird=female

however in my defence i'd like to say that this young woman was under the impression that she was a lot better than me, whereas i consider mma and krav-ma as to being subferior to aiki training, and hence i thought i had a chance. also this person in question told me that she had numerous degrees whereas i am training for my first.

i think the issue at stake here is that i put this on the web, and it got back to my clubs number two. who gave me a roasting. im really not bothered and big deal. listen ive got mental illness. ive been in hospitals where you CAN'T get away with talking like this in front of the staff. trust me it's like water of a ducks back.

I'm reading les mis by victor hugo, and for not the first time in my life i can relate to jean valjean after he escapes the galleys in the first book or two of that novel.
Actually, there is no defense here.......the fact that you are not really bothered by this is telling in itself, and should be a red flag for you. Listen to your senior club members as to what is considered appropriate aikido/dojo behavior. Let them be your guide.
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