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Re: Aikikai Kagami Biraki Promotions

As usual, thanks for your response Chris

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I have no problem with automatically respecting the descendents of whoever or whatever, but that changes when they start asking to be sent or paid large sums of money. In that case the bar gets higher.
Is payment a new thing for being a member of Osensei's organisation? I agree that many people find membership expensive, but that goes for all kinds of organisations, irrespective of whether they are traditionally run.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I never said that they shouldn't stick with their status as a legal foundation for propogating the art, I don't know where you got that.
Sorry, I couldn't quite see where you were coming from in the related paragraph I quoted. In any case, my main disagreement was meant for the part about businesses providing quality.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Those were organizations he joined, but that's quite different from being active in forming your own organization for Aikido, which he never did. I think the historical record is clear that he showed a "massive lack" of interest in that respect (that's actually a direct quote from Shoji Nishio, by the way, who was so worried about the lack of interest that he went out and started organizing Aikikai groups on his own).

At best, he sat back and let Kisshomaru do the lifting.
I'd agree that Osensei didn't take it too seriously and let the kohai do the lifting (although I heard that when it came to actual lifting, he had a rice-hod specially made so that he could carry much more than the average man).


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