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Re: Aikido Dojo Recruitment...????

If I were you I would abandon any hope of getting student numbers back to where they were during your school's peak. The MMA/UFC craze has drastically changed what the average person expects from a martial art when they enter a dojo. Aikido and other traditional arts have been declining for years and I don't see this trend reversing.

Instead of desperately trying stupid marketing gimmiks and/or watering down the training to attract students, look for ways to maintain the dojo with a much smaller student population - maybe 20 max. If that means finding cheaper space - or better yet, no permanent space at all, then so be it.

The good news is that with a smaller more dedicated core student body, you have the opportunity to teach more in depth material, and to give more hands on attention to each student, raising the technical level of the school. So I think, in the end, everyone who stays will benefit.

Sorry, but (at least in the US) Aikido as a mass-market enterprise is on life support.
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