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Re: Teacher OKs "Avoid[ing] touching females on religious grounds"


If you want to accommodate a student for any reason, as the instructor, you can do as you wish.

For the dojo however this isn't about religious beliefs. This is about not allowing outside influences, whatever they are, to negatively affect the dojo's learning environment.

Also, if this male student is allowed to distribute his literature, unimpeded by the dojo/instructor then by default the dojo/instructor agrees and promotes the same material, thoughts, and beliefs.

As an instructor I have not encountered this specific issue but have encountered several students whos agenda was disruptive to the general harmony of the environment. In all of these situations it was explained that their behavior was unacceptable. With the one or two that would try to argue their point I simply stated that my dojo wasn't the place they were looking for.

Society today is driven by consumerism. I'm paying you so you have to do what I say attitude. What they do not realize is that their money affords them the comfort of a building that protects them from the elements and mats that ease the fall. The knowledge that is shared with them is purely at the instructor's discretion. If as the instructor I allow a student to dictate the classroom environment in the ways mentioned in the article I have failed to provide a suitable learning environment for all of my students.

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