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Krystal Locke
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Re: Some Advice on Starting Out

I have certainly felt the internal conflict the author described in her training partners.

I really like human beings, and I am very excited and pleased to get a new person on the mat. I give my best ukemi and friendship, I offer my body and my safety up to them gladly, and then they're gone. It is a little uncomfortable when I over-commit to a newbie.So I try to find a middle ground where I am happy to meet them, happy to give my best because that is how I train anyway, but I wont jump right in emotionally.

My experience shows that sometimes, it is too much of a welcome that drives folks away. Sometimes sempai's excitement is overwhelming. And I wonder, should I allow every newcomer in? Is it not also appropriate that martial arts training should have some sort of vetting process, some sort of initiation/trial period to see if there's a good fit, in both directions? Isn't that self-defense of a very mild and reasonable sort?
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