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Re: Training outside the art

Mike Braxton wrote: View Post
Matthew, check with your local library if they have the Internal Library Loan system. If they do, then you can borrow books from other libraries across the country. Just need to know as much about the book as possible to help your branch library find what you want {etc. Title, Author, IBN number, date of publication, company published by, etc..} You have only 3 weeks to read the book so do it one at a time unless your are an avid reader.
Thank you, Mike! That's a good idea I should have made use of! This was a while ago and I've since added to my personal library a small number of books (most of which I am due to re-read I think). However, this year is supposed to be a big one for me where focusing on training is concerned, so I'll have to start taking advantage of this since I now live within easy walking distance of my local branch library. Any suggestions?

Right now I'm slowly working my way through Alister Gillies Sensei's book Tenchi: Building a Bridge Between heaven and Earth. So far it's a great read!

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