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Re: Should I get in better shape before starting?

Brandon Coker wrote: View Post
I'm working out 4 times a week right now. It would probably go to 2 or three times once I start Aikido.

I have only been working out about a month now though.

I have found that a lot of times if you keep delaying doing something because of trying to be in better shape, you'll never start it. Personally I do weightlifting and light cardio 2x a week, heavy cardio 3x a week, and Aikido 3x a week, with a rest on Sundays. That being said, I did absolutely nothing for a few years before I started Aikido. I've found that starting Aikido first is better, because it's complicated, interesting, and fun to do, and that leads to a desire for more healthy habits in terms of eating as well as exercise.

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