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Related question rather than a direct reply, I've known a few full-time aikido teachers who supplement their dojo subscriptions with private lessons which have a (relatively) higher price. I've also met tai-chi instructors who do "target" courses for companies etc. which again have a more commercial rate (yes, back to starbucks -- executive stress, a wonderful selling media).

Have any of you had any experience with running aikido courses in this way and does such differential pricing work? This is just curiosity as I'm a born again talentless clutz, so wouldn't dream of trying to make a living out of aikido.

One other question, a few dojo's I have been to that have tried a more commercial approach do seem to be more lacking in the "open door and friendly" mindset I've found in most clubs. Is it just my own normal response to sales techniques that gave me that impression? Or could it be because the teachers, likely to be coming from a "non-profit" tradition, find themselves going against what they experienced and so are just poor at "selling" their art with dignity and enthusiasm?
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