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Re: If you could buy just ONE book about Aikido techniques, what would it be?

Ashley Hemsath wrote: View Post
I have to be honest, I have found books of techniques of limited value, since I prefer to see how stuff works on the mat. Although I absolutely loved Robert Twigger's Angry White Pyjamas. I was wondering if anyone knows of any books more in that area, in terms of personal experience and written in more of a narrative type format?


Other narratives, not necessarily across-time training, that I recommend...
Mary Stein's book - I have met this older woman on the mat in San Francisco a number of times and was delighted when she published her book!
In Search of the Warrior Spirit by Richard Strozzi-Heckler on working with Green Berets with Aikido
also, not Aikido, but a damn funny book by a very good writer about wanting to practice kungfu as a kid, Mark Salzmans's Lost In Place (he also wrote Iron And Silk plus a very moving book on teaching writing to kids in LA jails and a fascinating novel called Lying Awake - never thought I'd enjoy a novel about a nun!

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