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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Brilliant Christoper, thanks for posting a link ;
Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Posted some photos from the workshop - more photos still to come...
I looked right through them.

One thing really relevant to this thread would be a photo of Dan in an applied triangle, you know, where the legs are locked instead of loosely crossed at the ankles : which is all I can find.

Specifically I'm talking about an illustration of THIS ;
Zoe Botnaro wrote: View Post
The attachment is Dan in Hawaii taking apart an applied Triangle choke after it was set in place by an Mixed Martial artist.
which stirred some responses.
You see ... an applied triangle is, how can we put it ... difficult to take apart.
I would LOVE to see a sequence of this happening! Great stuff!

The other weird thing I noted, regarding ground grappling : why is Dan the only one shown properly applying an armbar? With control of the victim's wrist to prevent rotation. Nobody else is even close and there are plenty of armbar photos. What are they doing? Why? One guy even has two arms across the victim's arm but no hand grip on it at all! Just baffling.
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