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Re: YouTube: 1984 NY Aikikai 20th anniv demo Chiba-sensei

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
i liked this video better . in the first video, distance was way too far, not much in way of control the center line, and uke's attack posture was over committed. this video is in his later year, shown a better maai and center line control. uke's attack posture is better, but uke still bleed his power out of his back foot. don't care much for the extra flip of uke's bokken, but that's just me. i like this video for the less is more approach.
The bleeding power out of his back foot thing is actually a maai problem. He is doing that because he is too close. Looks to me like when he takes steps they are too large and deep. Could just be because this is Aikiken and not "real" swordwork....the fixes i can think of to the maai problem involve him moving in a way that aren't going to be good training for Aikido.

A peeve of mine is letting the left wrist "break" or sort of get into nikkyo, which is something Chiba does a couple of times here. I don't like it because for one you put yourself at risk for having your sword knocked out of your hands.

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