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Re: Empty Space, Soo and the The Word

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Forgive me but this strikes me as a "science-of-the-gap" argument - rather than question the paradigm you choose to place your trust i.e. faith that one day methodological naturalism will be able to explain it.
Progress in science is a series of steps toward ever finer approximations of the natural world. Scientific theories make predictions which can then be tested and verified or rejected. The Bible does none of these things. Looking for correlations between selections of scripture and bits and pieces the natural world amounts to pretty much the same thing as what the ancient astronaut crowd does. In the end it amounts to nothing substantive and adds nothing to our understanding of the universe we are part of. There will always be gaps in scientific knowledge; science provides answers but it also opens up new areas of exploration because it raises questions.

Ewen Ebsworth wrote: View Post
The beginning of the universe implies a Creator because the cause of the universe must be immaterial - an infinite regression of material causes is a logical impossibility.
Who said anything about an "infinite regression of material causes"? The only thing the beginning of the universe logically implies is that the universe began. It says nothing about how it began.


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