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Eva Antonia
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Re: When did you start training in Aikido ?

Hi Salah,

when my brother started training Judo, he was eight, and I was thirteen. My parents proposed me to try, too, but I thought I was far too old to start training and the thought of practicing with 8 year olds, worse, with children smaller but more proficient than myself, was simply appalling. So the first contact with martial arts was not made.

Then there was no contact for 25 years, and I wonder how I didn't miss what I didn't know because I always had too much energy and even if there was no testosterone to throw around, apparently oestrogenes do the job as well for some.

When my son started training aikido, he was eight, and I was thirty-eight. He proposed me to try, too, and even if at that time some might have thought I was far too old to start training, I just jumped on the mat and never off it again. Astonishingly, now I don't mind at all if there are some youngsters learning quicker/ being more advanced or whatever than I. I learn, too, and that's what matters.

And there is the great advantage of having already sown one's wild oats at that age - the probability to abandon aikido for work/ love/ family is much less, since all these patterns are already settled, and you just fit in aikido in your existing way of life.

Wishing you a good start in the new year and the new art,

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