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Re: If you could buy just ONE book about Aikido techniques, what would it be?

Karol Kowalczyk wrote: View Post
Hi everyone!

I have only been training for 2 weeks so far, but the summer holidays are coming, and my dojo is going to be closed for about 2 months during that this period, because it is located in a school gym hall. As, by that time, I will only have trained for 3 months, I'm a little concerned that I will forget most or all the things I have (and will have) learned by the time it opens again. I'm especially worried that I will lose all the physical benefits training has given me so far (I'm 37 in a couple of weeks, and the first week of training was a KILLER believe me )

I thought that it would be a good time to do some training on my own, so that I don't go out of shape, and maybe even by concentrating on some 'basics,' I may even have got better at them when the dojo opens again in September!

The kinds of things I'm interested in are things I can work on alone, such as stretches, tenkans, (seiza, yes, it still hurts like hell over 30 seconds!) the different names of the techniques, but I think most importantly, ukemi. As an 'oldie' they are the hardest part of it all, because my dojo doesn't have a seperate beginners class, and we do techniques for 6th and 5th kyu which require some 'head over heels' action, and I kind of go into a cold sweat just thinking about them.. . Also, any book that has good picture/explanations of detailed hand movements would be good because I wear glasses, and taking them off before training means I sometimes don't get a good look at the specific positions of hands during demonstrations.

I'm aware that there is a 'book reviews' section on this site, and I can also go through the (literally) hundreds of reviews on sites such as Amazon, but I really wanted to hear what book(s)has/have helped the people on this forum the most, because some books have very few reviews, but high ratings, and also it's hard to tell how much experience some of the reviewers have on other sites.

So, my question to you all is: "If you could buy just ONE book about Aikido techniques, what would it be?"

(I'm limiting myself to one book because of financial considerations, as well as for ease of carrying in a rucksack (I'm going to visit mummy during the summer!), but if you think there is more than one indispensable book, then please tell me.)

Thank you all for any help you can give.

Edit: Oops, I forgot, maybe I should mention that I train in the Aikikai style!
My post was in response to the OP who stated that he/she was a bit afraid of getting out of shape. Since the only thing i know very well is how to ride a bicycle i thought i would offer him/her my view on how to stay in shape using a bicycle. Without the above attached my post can been seen as totally out of context. Sorry.

Some of you here have had 35 years of doing aikido. I have had 35 years of training my cardiovascular system and it is in far better shape than most people. I am not ashamed to say that.

The only thing that i know about aikido is that i know nothing. Hence i did not offer the OP any books as i do not know any myself. But i can offer you my tips on how to stay in shape using the tool that i have used for the last 35 years.

As far as what books to offer in the subject that the OP is referring to i have no clue but i am sure since you have more experience than me with aikido you can offer him one.

I just merely made an observation in class and spoke about it. I am not ashamed to say that in the sport i chose, cycling, i was a winner and won races with the system that i developed. That is my own body.

Picking comments out of context like you did, Mary, i would consider to be low blows to the groin for what purpose? To make you look better and more informed and to put the new guy in his place?
I have read lots and lots on this forum and there is a certain air of antagonism in your comment that just does not agree with me.

In my sport there is, after natural talent, only how much blood and oxygen you can take up that decides who wins - unless your name is lance armstrong. We have our own ways of psyching you out without having to look at you. We just go to the front and ride through the pain threshold. When you cant keep up, well, you lost.

But all this is totally beside the point. I was not boasting and merely vocalized an observation. The fact that my heart ....

Look. I am not here to argue. I am here to learn. And if you feel like you have to school some new kid, fine. I can live with that. This kid is 43 now and has lots more to see.

Have a nice day.
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