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Re: Empty Space, Soo and the The Word

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
The one obtained following the scientific method.

Is not an unreasonable hypothesis.

They came with it.

No one knows for sure.

Not really.

Human law givers and 'intelligence' in the same phrase... oh my.
Demetrio, I think we are past disputing the point of the OP so why don't we, in a spirit of friendly discussion discuss our different world-views?

So far you have acknowledged that the "scientific method" (which I take to mean methodological naturalism as you have described it) can neither explain where the universe came from or how life first came into existence here on earth and that evolution is still only a theory. You have postulated that aliens seeding life is not an unreasonable hypothesis despite lack of evidence in extraterrestrial life.

My belief based on the Bible explains how the universe was created and how life began here on earth - that they were the result of God, who created purposefully - humanity is made in His image and is assigned the responsibility of steward over God's creation. As God is omnipotent He chose to create not over billions of years but over a matter of days.

Now I acknowledge that this requires faith to believe, I have never denied that; however I do believe it is reasonable given the evidence.
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