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Re: Empty Space, Soo and the The Word

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So, second, fundamentalism reasoning is allways structured in a way so that whatever argument you give will confirm the fundamentalist positionl.There is simply no way to put a fundamentalist position into question. Because putting it in question means, that you are "outside", which means, that you are "wrong".

You will neverever "win" a debate or convince someone by the contents of your arguments. You simply can't.
Thanks, Carsten -- I think that's the most succinct description of fundamentalist reasoning I've ever read.

My sister (who is a nun) once said to me, "You know, Mary, some people read the newspaper with more intelligence than they use to read the Bible. When you read the newspaper, do you consider the comic page the same as the front-page news? Do you read the sports page the same as the op-ed page?" She's a deeply committed Christian, my sis -- and very, very far from being a fundamentalist.
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