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Re: Empty Space, Soo and the The Word

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As has been said many times already in this thread, anything "can be interpreted very differently" by someone who is unwilling to question his premise because of his belief that it comes from a book written by God. And if your mother had wheels instead of legs, she'd be a bicycle. This is a pointless exercise in repeated nonsense and I'm done with it.
Forgive me but I don't think this is the first time you've said you're done with this thread. No one is forcing you to contribute, I said I was happy to discuss this with anyone who was interested. If you would like to stay and discuss your viewpoints you are more than welcome to.

We all have fundamental positions - let's not pretend I'm the only one. Take Richard Dawkins for example, he is fundamentally committed to evolution and methodological naturalism. He is unwilling to question his premise based on his belief that evolution is true science. Now I don't know you personally to know your own position, but considering your hostility towards religious positions, I would hazard a guess that you are either an atheist or agnostic?

Happy New Year everyone, I hope it was a good one!
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