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Re: Presence of Aikido in Krav Maga?

I like Krav. It's a short-duration education and training process intended to create combat-readiness. The stressing, the conditioning and the techniques are straight-forward. We have a Krav group in our dojo and I like many things about the instructor's program.

That said, I see very little aiki in the system. However, given the intended duration of the training period and a goal oriented around preparing for combat, I would find a 10-year topic of pursuit to not be part of the curriculum, nor the un-reasonable duration of many of our aikido techniques, nor the rather large use of movement and space we see in aikido. There are only so many ways to damage the human body [efficiently]. Most good combat systems use an overlapping collection of these techniques and avenues of attack and defense. I think it is far more likely the techniques in Krav distilled from effective combat movements, of which many resemble jujutsu techniques we also have in aikido. I think unless the founder admitted to aikido as a point of inspiration for his techniques, you are left with conjecture.
I believe we occasionally rage about the non-influence of Daito Ryu aiki jujutsu on aikido in a similar vein... Then there would next be the question about the level of competency the founder had in "Aiki" as to even claim he possessed it and intended to pass it on in Krav.

Also, I want to differentiate that combat ready is not necessarily fighting, but rather surviving a dangerous situation under fatigue, pain and duress. My Krav guy mentioned that statistically, there are several conditioning factors that significantly improve your chance of surviving combat; I think none of the top 5 included hand-to-hand combat. I believe wearing your helmet and body gear is #2, preceded by closing combat distance... Looks like running still tops the charts of survival...


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