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there is someone who trains with us occassionally but has a knee injury at the moment so not so often.

but he is an extremely talented individual with a years experience as an uchi-deshi in iwama, and droopy and lax would definately describe his aikido........ and i have never ever been thrown harder than he has thrown me, and many people i train with would agree. when i get thrown by him i get up seeing stars.

but i guess its to each his own.

im really not in a position to hold a decent argument due to my lack of experience, so i guess i will just work on my feeling and perhaps one day i will get an oppurtunity to demonstrate it all to you.

i dont deny the idea of hard work or anything, i guess my head just thinks about things differently.

everyone calls me lazy, yet i do a lot of activity, but i try to keep an effortless mindset in everything i do, which i guess gives off the impression of laziness.

happiness. harmony. compassion.
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