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Re: this year I will......

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
There are actually a number of similar sayings by various Zen masters. The one I'm thinking of was written by Gudo, who said:

I laugh at my ten-year pilgrimage-
Wilted robe, tattered hat, knocking at Zen gates,
In reality, The Buddha's law is simple:
Eat your rice, drink your tea, wear your clothes.

We're all different, but for myself, the more goals I set myself, the less I am able to achieve, it seems like. Or, perhaps I achieve as much or more, but it just seems like less. It's hard to say. I know that for me, making lists about what I will do (today, next week, in the new year) is...well, not always an exercise in futility, but it's something I have to be careful about. I've had my apple cart upset plenty of times in life, leaving the proverbial best-laid plans all over the ground in pieces -- and even when that doesn't happen, I find that the changes I go through as a person cause many goals to outlive their usefulness. Thus, the very phrase "this year I will" gives me a bit of a rash.
I can so very much relate. Any time I make bold assertions, life has a funny way of reminding me who is in charge. This is why, contrary to my lessons from Yoda, I say "try." That being said, this year I will work on making my best efforts better.

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