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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 25

Hello Professor,

I understand completely, both the practical aspects and the matter of length. A good essay will, in the nature of things, suggest other related essays and I think there is scope for anyone willing to take on the task to do so. Unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment, but I am sure I will be thinking about some of the interesting issues you have touched upon - which could suggest the following essay topics:

"Japanese Millennialism and the Mission of Morihei Ueshiba's Aikido
"Enlightenment Through Aikido: Ideology and Practice"
"Back to the Future: Purist and Modernist Attitudes in Aikido"
"Growth and Fragmentation: Omoto and Aikido in the 20th Century"
"Completing the Incomplete: Aikido as Religion"

And perhaps on a more lighter note:

"Iron in the Soul: Intending the Unintentional"
"Far Right Ideology and Far Eastern Mystique"
"Shaming the Shamans: The Guru Sensei"
"Mushin: Much Ado About Nothing"

As you mention, it is regrettable that Morihei Ueshiba did not write down more of what he believed to provide a more reliable source of reference for posterity. It would certainly make things easier for historians. I have heard, though, that there is undisclosed archive material kept somewhere, but I don't know if this is true. If it is true, then who knows what might be revealed?

A Happy New Year to you Professor!

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