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Re: Presence of Aikido in Krav Maga?

What I got out of this was not so much the fact that his bob and weave techniques worked, but the fact that sociologically, every single person agreed to the rules he established and every single one of them adopted a boxers paradigm on how they approached the fight. that was stand in place, plant, throw a punch or combos. Really all he had to do was stay slightly out of range.

I would have maybe done this a little differently. Knowing that he wasn't going to hit back, I'd rush him with my body making sure that he could not recover, trip him up then, then while he was down or recovering balance beat the crap out of his head.

I think it is interesting how rules and paradigms on acceptable behavior play out in society! Fun stuff for sure.

I have a similar experiment I do with Soldiers and Marines with Pugil sticks. I tell them how to win every time. You throw your stick down once you make contact, grab your opponent's stick, wrestle it from him and then proceed to beat the crap out of him once you have him on the ground. Of course, drill instructors hate this as it is not the rules of pugil stick fighitng, and it is not a fair fight, but it proves a point about paradigms and agreed upon rules and how they affect how we see problem sets and how they can influence our outcomes.

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