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Re: Presence of Aikido in Krav Maga?

I did Aikido with Jujutsu and Jujutsu with Aikido, if you know what I mean, for many years. The two are inseparable. In fact, when you separate them you have little to nothing (in terms of effectiveness). The most amazing thing for me about that vid is that many of the waza looked like what I learned in the British Jujutsu Association in the 1980s. I was quite surprised as I have seen KM several times and never thought that before. Generally though, the skill and fitness of KM guys is way above that of most arts. So yes, lots of Aikido type stuff in there, but Aikido is not limited to waza. There was no Aikido intent/mind in that vid, nor was there much aiki. But I liked it (except the stupid music).

This is more interesting training to me - far more real, in fact as far as I can tell, it is real:

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