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Re: Presence of Aikido in Krav Maga?

From my conversations with students at the time when I tried it out, your progress totally depends on your personal ability. One guy was still in beginner level and he's been there for 1 year and another one was 3rd level advance and he was there for 8 months.

I don't remember what all these levels mean.

Definitely not my cup of tea....just seems so tasteless... But perhaps this is what your looking for.

I prefer to have full control of my opponent vs. beating him aimlessly, plus I'm a very small woman, therefore brutal beating is not something I feel comfortable with. Aikido and jiujitsu on the other hand is what I feel confident in.

It's definetely a personal choice that no one can make for you. Depends on what you are looking for in martial art/combat style and on what suits you better as a person. Try both for a few months and see for your self.
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