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Re: Presence of Aikido in Krav Maga?

I can understand why people think the KM is a marketing gimic. It certainly can be, as much as any other Martial Art has it's attractants.

I think KM does a good job in certain areas. Not areas I am in need of or have a desire to study. However, it does impart a necessary element in martial training that is lacking and that is the ability to make quick decisive, forward, violent decisions to gain control of a fight and win. This is not something that is necessarily present in everyone, and frankly I think it is a necessary part if you ever intend to employ combatives, or self defense.

Do I believe it is a 20 year study? I think that depends on your instructor. there are KM instructors out there, one of my best friends, that has a background as a BJJ Black Belt, and Army Combatives Instructor, Judo and a few other arts.

He feels KM offers some very good skills in a very methodical way that allows you to make some rapid gains in a short amount of time.

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