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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Patrick de Block wrote: View Post
I agree with you and if you really believe this, go to the next seminar with Dan.

If new people arrive at my place, I ask them to take part, to come onto the tatami, it doesn't oblige them in any way. And I tell them that I won't probably see them again if they think it is bullshit. I've had visitors who lectured me for half an hour on the philosophy and aim of aikido. I try to keep my face neutral since it is useless information that is simply is not helpful and because at the same time it's the information that sparked their interest. If they are in doubt they can get a second, a third try and if they are still in doubt I tell them that it is probably better to go some place else. After all there are seven different Martial Arts who train in the same sportshall I'm training in.
Thanks Patrick, it is my intent to do that if I can.

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