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Re: Presence of Aikido in Krav Maga?

I don't know that you can tell lineage from looking at a video. The human body only moves in so many ways, so many styles will look very similar. Aikido is a methodology for teach Aiki. So, you'd have to look at the complete pedagogy really to see how similarities. I think looking at the physical execution of techniques is not very telling. Yes, there tends to be stylism expresses, especially in systems that make assumptions about what is correct or incorrect movements or techniques according to their particular paradigm.

For example, I'm a aikidoka and a bjjer....when working under the constraints of those systems, I tend to adopt stylistic mannerisms that are deemed appropriate for that environment, although, I remain informed by my other experiences. In a combatives environment, I may employ various techniques or responses that are simply efficient or appropriate. You might see elements of iriminage or takedowns from Judo, or kicks from Muay Thai. Why? because the body only moves in so many ways and we begin to gravitate to patterns of usefulness and efficiency.

So, I'd say if the individual studied a system in the past, it is safe to say he was informed by that system in someway. However, if the transmission is second hand, that is, he has never studied the actual system, then you might still see elements if they were incorporated in that system. For me, it all depends on the Pedagogy of instruction and transmission.

Hope this makes sense!

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