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Re: Could a child fail a grading?

This is a GREAT and difficult topic. There can be a ton of drama when it comes to promotions in the kids classes, as far as parents and dojo atmosphere are concerned. If a kid is showing lack of effort, enthusiasm, or proficiency it can send a wrong message to the rest of the kids its okay to slack off. Especially if you have kids classes getting black belts.

Of course, 'kids' is a wide variable. In our youngest classes, we are just trying to teach manners and discipline…and base evaluation off that, and effort. Promotions are often talked about with parents as the little kids have to be doing their homework and behaving at school. So any kind of lack of promotion is talked about with parents. A good rule of thumb is to delay awarding of rank. This teaches kids (and adults) to push aside their feelings toward their testing effort, patience, and allows for any deficiencies the kids have to be corrected over the next week (the last part obviously being handled in private).

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