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Build it They Will Come...Or not

Ah, don't we all long for the days when the Master could just sit on the mountain and students would make long treks to support and learn from them?

I belong to a dojo that started in 1990 and has somehow survived up to this point. The first few 'generations' of students worked out well enough. It was a small group but stable. But now we haven't gotten enough new students to replace the older people washing out.

Because of our finances, we have to rent. We have 3 two hour classes (T/Th/Sa) and in theory are fine with 10+ in the first hour on the T/Th class. Because of bad luck, we have just moved for the third time in the last 3 years. Our new landlords are very nice and hopes are high we can make it work.

We have the talent- our instructor is easily the highest ranked in the drivable area and well beyond that as well. In fact, we don't have real competitors (which I think has caused this soft attitude on advertising).

Any advice on how to reinvigorate an aging base? What about attracting new students? Advice on what not to do works great too.
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