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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Scott Burke wrote: View Post
I too think that Demetrio's questions are quite reasonable and can be answered very easily by asking Mr. Harden in person, something I'm trying to arrange.
Until I met Mr. Harden. For all that time, up until that meeting, what I felt and what I thought I was doing. That was not kokyu. Subtle mechanical levering, yes, but not kokyu-ho. Mr. Harden demonstrated this for me and explained it to me, and most importantly I didn't have to spend half my life trying to steal it. I guess I could have gone on another 20 years or so, name checking all the teachers I knew over the course of my life and turning my hand and waxing on about, oh who knows what. Or I could just get someone to teach it to me. For real.

And there it is.
That is my experience as well. I have "felt it" before. Oyata Sensei had it among others I have felt. But just not to Dan's degree or understanding. and he's not the only one. Akusawa recently came here and he's on the "Aiki" path. If I have a complaint then it's like the pot calling the kettle black because I used to be one of the "complainers". Having met Dan.. I am not any more.

As someone has already said... We all suck...

Some have a hard time with that. Some see it as an opportunity to go beyond Waza and experience (someday with hard practice) what O' Sensei was talking about.

Dan makes that choice an easy one. You don't have to "steal" anything from him.

William Hazen
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