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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar


I agree there are a few star struck zealots out there with some unrealistic expectations about what training will do for them. Consider their base of training, what the know prior to training and their paradigms. They are not really competent enough to say what is what when it applies to fighting or combatives. They are only extrapolating what they feel is possible.

However, there are also some people that train with Dan that I have a lot of respect for and that I have personally trained with that do know what they are talking about and their assessments are consistent and reasonable.

I cannot comment on integration of Dan's IP/IS since I have not experienced it. I have high hopes that he will be able to shed some light on my understanding of things. When I do get with Dan, I will most certainly provide an honest assessment of my opinions!

I can tell you that Dan has been more than willing to get with me, we just have not been able to be in the same town for the past couple of years for many reasons!

The IS/IP training I have experienced, what limited exposure I have had, has been useful and I certainly would not categorize it has a waste of time albeit, I also did not go out and abandon my training either as some have done!

Dan has been clear that it is not a replacement for your training and that what you do with it will be an individual thing.

That said, I can also certainly understand your skepticism and critique. You know I share many of the same issues and concerns!

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