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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

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Well, I am completely unaffiliated and do not remeber having a personal conflict with Mr. Harden (unless divergences of opinion count as 'personal conflict). So my skepticism about what people says about Mr. Harden fighting feats is not related to aikido politics, bussiness or personal issues.

First he has to be a real BJJ champion. Champion of what... State? Pan-Ams? Mundials? Rank, weight class and age are relevant data to determine what kind of BJJ champion is he and how this "secret training method" has made him a champion.

This is not about if "This IS Aikido", this is about Zoe's claims about Mr. Harden fighting high level athletes.
Was the choice of word risque, regardless of the truth of the matter? Yes, yes it was. Did you make your point? Yes. But moving on, if you want to just believe it was Joe-Schmoe-BJJ-Beginner if it will make you drop it, then just imagine it was that...

There are two separate issues here that need to be separated: 1) does the person know how to fight a BJJer, even without IP? and 2) can IP be used as an additive/enhancer to that skill?

The first part, that's uninteresting, and there are a lot of good BJJ guys, without IP. IP alone can't and won't allow you to stand against a grappler. Period. End of story. Nobody will ever debate this, not even the dudes who are teaching you IP. So even if some IP teacher could beat or stalemate another grappler, I would only really care about him doing it if he could explicitly show/explain how IP was used to do it, and why it is expedient for the scenario where it was used versus some other more common way of dealing with it...

Thus, the second part, that's a far more interesting question, about the ways a skilled aikidoka or grappler can incorporate IP into their methodology to better deal with other grapplers. Being able to neutralize pushes, pulls, shoots, sweeps, and other forms of throws or kuzushi without having to move to adjust, and in the process, getting kuzushi on the guy trying to do it to you in the first place. Being able to neutralize or unwind locks without having to use overt movements or diversion tactics either. Being able to deliver power from the ground even when ribs/hips are pinned flat. Making your own kuzushi harder to feel or track.

That's just some uses, there are probably lots more. Is stuff like that useful against another grappler and have the potential to take anyone's game to a new level? Hell yes. But do you still need to be a good grappler, independent of IP, to deliver that stuff in realistic grappling situations and will you get shut down if you're just good at IP and not grappling? Also hell yes.

And this gets back to the original post, that it doesn't negate the validity of martial systems you have already learned, but it adds depth via a venue that many of us did not previously have a way to explore simply because we did not know of it. There are plenty of ways to compensate for a lack of IP, and many martial artists are very good at it, but you can also use IP to tackle some of those problems as well.

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