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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Demetrio, I think you misinterpreted my post about the "openly training methodology" part. I was not referring your background or affiliation. I was referring to the "high level athletes" we are discussing that rolled with Dan. They may want to remain anonymous for several reasons. I and others dont know them personally or witnessed the training so we are hearing a second hand story. Why would I believe a second hand story? The reason is simple. I have seen first hand what Dan can do, My validation is simple.
I have felt it.
I have seen it.
Others have also. You dont have that unfortunately. So I understand your skepticism. Change that aspect. Come over and hang out at a seminar. Come to Hawaii. I would love to meet you. We can train and hang out. I will buy you a Mai Tai and we will dance hula on the beach. I am serious.

In all honestly,,,Do not deny yourself the opportunity to change and enlighten your view on Budo.

I know that part of the skepticism is curiosity, It is the factor that brought us all here in the first place. Ask yourself honestly "Why are all of these people hanging around this Dan guy?" There has to be a valid reason right?

As far as the names issue, does that really matter? Honestly. Names, ranks, trophies, belts. They all in the long run dont matter. If I suddenly stated that an Olympic gold medalist wrestling guy or the Abu Dhabi champ were training with Dan suddenly this would validate him? If I posted their names everywhere, is this the validation you and others need to ease your skepticism? Think about that..... No really.... .Think about it.

If that's what you need...... perhaps this is not the path for you.

One little candle can light 10,000 candles- Koichi Tohei Sensei
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