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Keith Larman
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Re: Belts sticking out

And half the stuff women wear remind me of ancient torture devices... Pointy shoes with tall but thin heels, skirts that seem to cut off circulation and they can't even walk in let alone sit down normally, and some weird undergarment called spanx that appear to be designed to raise blood pressure to dangerous levels. Honestly, am I the only one who thinks these things look silly? Give me jeans, a t-shirt and comfy shoes any day..

And what the hell is that colored stuff many women paint themselves with every day? Lord... Smearing paint on your face? That can't be healthy...

And to put in the final straw for me, I was at a shop and noticed a device with a long handle made for men so they could shave their backs... I'm pretty sure that if hair is growing out of something, it's *supposed* to be there.

Sigh. To be back in a time when stuff was "real" and not this pretentious stuff. You know, ZOOT SUITS!!!!!! Yeah, that's the ticket!!!! Give me some skin, baby!

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