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Re: If you could buy just ONE book about Aikido techniques, what would it be?

As a new person to the art and having practiced it only for two weeks now i dont feel like i can comment on this with any authority but i will anyway since i saw something in class today that astonished me.

I was one of a select few in class today who were not hufffing and puffing, winded and out of breath at the end of long session. I attribute this to the fact that i am an endurance athlete and train my cardio-vascular system on a road racing bike. In the summer i do upwards of 250 miles a week. I am one of very few in class who are not overweight and not "out of shape". I respect all my elders and their knowledge but i have never "let myself go" if you know what i mean.

I dont mean to sound like i am bragging but my money would have been on me today in a cardio-vascular "fight to the death". I saw their faces and they all looked like they had not done anything strenuous since they last time they stepped on the mat. They may ALL be more proficient than me but my heart and system was better than theirs and i saw it.

If you want a good workout then get that heart pumping is all i can say. How much it will help you as far as aikido is concerned i do not know but what i do know is that a bike will work your ass if you let it.
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