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Re: Hello, I am david

I talked with victim support today and and am seeing somebody about this incident. I suffer from PTSD as it is and am in therapy because of it but the more the merrier.

I am under no illusion that i will be able to defend myself in no time at all. Aikido fits in with my lifestyle and i attribute my non aggressiveness and verbal skills to getting out of that situation alive.

I more or less "talked" my way out of it and let them have whatever it was that they wanted. My life is not worth possessions that i could replace in no time at all. I would rather be alive with less possessions than dead.

I have noticed that since i have been going to class that my SA has improved and i am walking "taller" as well as making eye contact with people. This was not something i did before on purpose. I mean i looked at people but now i look at them differently. It's hard to describe but its almost like i am telling them with my eyes that i see them and let them know that i see them.

I am an athlete and i ride a road racing bike. Have done so since i was a little kid and i am 43 now with over 300.000k lifetime miles so far. The road that i choose to go down now with aikido will also be a long one. I am a patient man and see no benefit in trying to rush into my education. It's not a race to the top for me. I am interested in the mental side of the art as that is a big part of what aikido seems to be. Superior mind and attitude as steven seagal once said.

I know what is ahead of me but i welcome it nontheless.
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