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Re: Measuring if/how martial arts helps one become a better person

For many years I think martial arts made me a better least based on my own definition of what being better means. I was less stressed, usually in a better mood, and in better physical shape.

Then at some point I got burned out and had to force my self to go to class. During that time I don't think it made me any better, and maybe made me worse, because I really didn't want to be there even thought I thought I had to be there.

Now I'm back in the I love going to class stage so things seem better again.

So I believe martial arts can make your own life better but I don't know if it is possible to quantify it and I don't really think you can claim it will make someone else a better person. Also, if martial arts can make your life better because you are doing something you enjoy then so can knitting, basketball, reading, painting or many other activities. I love martial arts but I honestly don't think they have some special power to make us all great people.
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