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Re: Yokomenuchi: exterior entry?

We've gotten away from the open angle revolving strike. What we call yokomenuchi is more similar to a shomenuchi that has dropped off-angle to slip a block. This is different than a [more] horizontal cut to the neck region.

I think as a critical evaluation of dealing with the attack, "ducking" below the attack is not your best option. Conditionally, a high, horizontal, oblique strike may present the opportunity for that evasive maneuver. Similarly, you can make an evasive outside maneuver against a vertical oblique strike. But ultimately, I think, we train to enter the space and rotate our partner (not rotate around our partner). My ability to slip outside of the space would be the product of gaining the center space and choosing to move outside; the key difference being my partner's inability to track my movement.

Essentially, irrimi. Probably one of the hardest exercises I do incorrectly since starting training. Right up there with tenkan. Er.. irrimi tenkan.

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