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Re: Horikawa teaching Shioda?

Tomoo - thank you for this account - it fleshes out things in a fascinating way - and corrects, I believe, an error I made in my original piece. I wrote, based on my understanding, that Horikawa visited in the mid 1950's. But you write that it was 1977 or 1978. Could you confirm this? Because my citing the earlier date did not correspond to some history regarding the Yagyukai. If I can properly correct this, it makes the discussion "tighter."

Also, regarding what prompted Okamoto sensei to such thoughts in the first place - I think we would be mistaken to rely too much on films. Ueshiba apparently wanted to show the world something different from what he could do, both for ideological reasons and perhaps spiritual (hence his outrage at Ohba at Kenkoku University at being "forced" to use this 'sharp skills' to manage an all-out attack). I wonder if Okamoto sensei could have met and felt Shirata sensei - and perhaps Tomiki, were he willing to show that side of his skills (which he eschewed for ideological reasons), if he would have perceived Shioda as less unique amongst Ueshiba's cadre of students.


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